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Virtual Staffing Solution Partner

We are providing your next door virtual staff at reasonable cost. You can invest international skills and talents for your business to save up to 40%of your payroll cost. No employment contract and taxes for virtual staff. Moreover that virtual staff works on a fixed monthly contract.

Benefits of Virtual Staffing

1. Cost effective
You don’t need to pay for office space, furnishing and other rental charges. You only pay for the hour’s virtual employee work. No need to buy expensive software and tools. You don’t need to pay during vacations, sick leave, casual leave, maternity leave or other such leaves of virtual employees if you are paying on an hourly basis. There are no hiring, training or induction costs. No annual appraisals and management expenses. You don’t need to pay for health insurance, fringe benefits or other labour law related benefits.

2. Access to better talent
You have access to better talents around the globe at an affordable price. Virtual employees have an experience in working with a lot of different industries. So they have good knowledge and experience which gets reflected in each task performed by them. This means best skills at comparatively lower prices.

3. Focus on core operations
Many times by outsourcing your non-core business activities, you can focus on core business without much confusion. You can also outsource your routine tasks or tedious work, and focus on more important core operations. 4. Increased production Virtual assistants are highly skilled and experienced and they always provide quality work. They know the challenges of businesses well and they know revenue depends on the proper execution of tasks.

5. Higher retention rate
Most virtual employees are satisfied with their jobs and have a higher retention rate. Statistics show that 82% of them have reported lower stress level. They do not have a 9 to 5 job routine to follow. They work as per their comfort and are more likely to have a perfect work-life balance which makes them less likely to quit their jobs.

6. Better control
When you hire a virtual employee, you have better control over the projects as you pay only for the projects that get completed. They work on project basis or hourly basis and you have an option to hire them accordingly. You can use service of virtual employees only till the time you need. You can end the contract if you don’t need them without any legal hassles.

7. Serve customers 24x7
As virtual employees are willing to work at any time slot at your convenience, you can get more done at any time of the day. This makes sure your business is available to serve your customers any time of the day or night, even when you are sleeping or are enjoying holidays.

8. Hassle free deployment
Virtual employees are skilled to perform their jobs. So no training is required. You don’t have to provide them with all the necessary supplies and equipments. Traffic jams and vehicle emergencies are never an excuse for them. No hiring and firing hassles. No documentation and records to be maintained. No employee disagreements and office conflicts.

Virtual Staffs

1. Accountant
2. Office Administrator
3. HR Staff
4. IT Support
5. Website Management
6. Operational Support
7. Credit Control Services
8. Accounts Payable & Receivable Clerk
9. Part time Finance Director
10. Back Office Staff
11. Customer Service Staff
12. Digital Marketing Staff

Work Style
Our Core Business is to provide virtual support to those overseas companies who understand the need to create time for other important assignments. Our company provides immense benefit to executives and Corporates throughout the globe.

System Security
We are providing high security and reliable output according to the client requirements. We have several measures to make control over the process and workflow. Our closed system will provide safety and data security for the client details at the maximum extend.

Why Pearl

  • Transparent structure
  • No hidden fee
  • Monthly Contract

Our Virtual Staffing Solution Includes

  • Full time onsite manager
  • Legal employment of staff
  • Monitoring and oversight of staff
  • Performance Monitoring
  • High quality fiber internet connection
  • Biometric attendance report
  • Payroll processing
  • Remote workstation access
  • Custom firewall rules
  • UK local number available
  • IT support and Data security

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