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IPR Services in Kochi,Kerala and India

In the current global scenario, protecting intangible assets is very vital for any technology and research driven institution. We believe serving our global clientele and help them build and protect important intellectual property (IPR) assets including patent protection in India, brand protection by filing trademark in India, copyright and industrial design filing in India.

We represent and assist technology companies and startups at all stages of development, including Protection of Technology by Patents, Brand Name Protection by Trademarks, Protection of Intellectual Assets by Copyrights and Industrial Designs, Private Financings, Strategic Transactions, Public Offerings, and Mergers & Acquisitions. We also represent and assist startups and investors in venture capital financing. We advise many entrepreneurs from initial company formation to liquidity event.

Preparation and filing of necessary Documents and Forms for registration of Patents, Trademarks, Copyrights and related advisory services.

Trademark Services:-
With the support of our legal experts, we provide the following Trademark services:
  • Trademark Search
  • Trademark Filing & Registration
  • Trademark renewal
  • Trademark watch
Trade mark laws are governed by the Trade Marks Act 1999 (47 of 1999) and Trade Mark Rules 2002. The object of the Act is to confer protection to the user of trade mark on his goods and to prescribe condition for acquisition of trade mark.

A trade mark act for registration of trade mark with the registrar of Trade Mark. When the registered trade mark is used by a person who is not so entitled, it constitutes infringement. Infringement of Trade Mark can be protected by taking resort pay to civil as well as criminal remedies provided under TM Laws.

  • Trademarks search
  • Trademarks registration
  • Renewal and restoration of registration of trademarks
  • Protection of trademarks
  • Patents search
  • Patents registration
  • Protection of Patent rights
  • Specification drafting
  • Copyright registration
  • Litigation support for your IP rights
  • Documentation relating to assignment of your IPRs
  • Investigation of threatened or actual piracy
  • Conduct of raids in case of piracy
  • Liaison with Indian authorities for ongoing registrations or related matters
We, at ‘Pearl Accountants, have a team of experienced intellectual property professionals. Our commitment to the service of clients is unparalleled and our team will do its utmost in delivering the best service to the fullest satisfaction of our clients, be it in India or elsewhere in the rest of the world.

In the current global scenario, protecting intangible assets is very vital for any technology and research driven institution. Here at Pearl, we believe serving our global clientele and help them build and protect important intellectual property (IPR) assets including patent protection in India, brand protection by filing trademark in India, copyright and industrial design filing in India.

Patent Services
We convert your inventive idea in to ‘Patent’. Here we provide synergy between technology and law. Hence you are at the right place. Your invention is in safe hands and we facilitate you in getting Patent protection. We provide high quality, fast, and moderate cost Patent services to Patent attorneys, corporate, and individuals in India and around the Globe. Probably we are one among the handful of firms that has scaled up to meet the challenges in Patent Regime with a technological edge. ‘Indian Patent Global Services’ focuses the attention on effective and timely protection of client’s intellectual assets by value - added service coupled with IP Skills.

  • Patent Search Services
  • Patent Registration Services
  • Patent Litigation Services
Trademark registration is territorial in nature. Separate applications need to be filed in each country where you wish to register your trademark.

If you plan to sell and market internationally, it is essential to register your trademarks in those countries. Usually, the party who first registers a mark owns it. Therefore, it is significant to register your trademarks in each country your company considers to be a potential and key market. A national trademark registration stops at the border and does not afford rights to the owner of the trademark outside the country in which it is registered. Most companies expanding into other countries often realize the value of registering their trademarks abroad once it is too late, that is, once they are faced with counterfeiters/imitators or once they are accused of infringing the rights of others. The risks of doing so are very high and the consequences may be extremely costly and detrimental to a company’s entire business and export strategy. It can be a severe financial liability to invest in a brand, promote it in the local market, then find that the brand cannot be registered and used internationally and have to finally abandon that investment.

International Application under Madrid Protocol
India has joined the Madrid protocol with effect from 8th July 2013. The Madrid system for the international registration of trademarks provides one single and cost-effective procedure for the registration of a mark in several territories. At present, there are 91 countries which are members of the Madrid protocol. The following link shows the members of the Madrid system: In order to file an international application under the Madrid protocol, there should be a corresponding trademark application filed in India.

In a single international application under the Madrid protocol, several countries may be designated which are members of this system. The fees will depend based on the number of classes and countries designated. The fees can be calculated using the online tool by choosing Office of origin as India, selecting the number of classes and specifying whether the mark is in color:

In addition, a handling fee of Rs. 2,000/- is payable to the Indian Trade Mark Registry. Upon filing the application, the mark is examined by each designated member country where registration is sought and then proceeds to registration. An international registration under Madrid protocol is however dependent on the corresponding Indian application for a period of five years from the date of international application.

Copyright Services
Copyright devolves on the owner of a work as soon as it is created, but it is considered prudent to register your copyright since it ensure better legal protection against infringers. Copyrighted work could be a literary, dramatic, musical or artistic work. What is sought for is originality of the work. The terms of protection varies according to the kind of work. The total term of protection for literary work is the author's life plus sixty years.
• Preparing, filing and registering the copyright
• By providing expert advice on how copyright protection can be sought in different kinds of work

Trademark Services:
  • Trade Mark search
  • Trade mark filing and registration
  • Trade mark renewal
  • Trade Mark monitoring services
  • Trade Mark Litigation Services
  • Copyrights Services:
Industrial Design Services:
The creator of a new and original design is given legal protection of his work. This is the incentive given for the creator's hard work- The purpose is to see that the creator's hard work is not readily imitated by others. Registration confers upon the registered proprietor the exclusive right to apply a design to the article in the class in which the design is registered. Essential requirement for registering design is that the design should be new or original, not previously published or used in any country before the date of application for registration. The design may relate to features of shape, configuration, pattern or ornamentation applied or applicable to an article. Registering the design assigns the creator with rights which is available for a term of 10 years, and can be further extended to another 5 years.
At Intepat, we offer Industrial Design services that include
  • Industrial Design Search
  • Preparing, Filing and Registering your Design
  • Assignment of Industrial Design
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