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Company Seal Services in Kochi,Kerala and India

Similar to a state seal, the corporate seal was the official mark of the corporation. Since a corporation is considered a separate entity, the corporate seal acted as the signature of the corporation. Any legal or official document that emanated from the corporation required a corporate seal. Individuals were not allowed to authorize certain corporate acts and so a corporate seal was necessary to prove corporate authority. However, as business became more fluid and as technology ushered in the digital age, the corporate seal became obsolete and to a certain extent, a hindrance. Today, a corporate seal may be used for deeds and for bank accounts, but even these uses of the corporate seal are becoming more and more rare. Rather than a corporate seal, state laws recognize the signature of an individual(s) with actual authority (i.e. CEO, director) as binding upon the corporation.

Pearl Accountants can deliver you a highly custom handheld seal officially marked with your company name, state and year of incorporation

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Online company formation India
Online company formation India
Online company formation India
Online company formation India
Online company formation India
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